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About CCJ

Club Cactus Juniors Volleyball Club, LLC is a volleyball organization with a non-profit charter that is developed to promote youth volleyball in Southern Arizona. The club is a member of USA Volleyball registered in the Arizona Region as well as the Junior Volleyball Association (JVA).

CCJ is one of Arizona's longest running volleyball clubs,  offering Competitive Volleyball Teams for girls ages 10-18, Developmental Volleyball Programs for boys and girls under age 14, and hosts the Cactus Classic Invitational - a National Tournament in Tucson.

The competitive club volleyball season for the Girls Program is December through late-June with Player Evaluations and Team Selections every November. 

CCJ’s Youth Volleyball Academy offers three sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring) throughout the school-year; and CCJ also offers a number of Volleyball Camps in the summer and during winter break.

Mission Statement

  • To raise the level of volleyball in Southern Arizona\

  • To meet the needs of a diverse volleyball community

  • To help develop and educate volleyball coaches in the community

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Our mission is to raise the level of volleyball in Southern Arizona by providing athletes with the opportunity to obtain quality training and competition opportunities; to meet the needs of a diverse volleyball community by providing programs of differing levels of training and competition opportunities for young players.

To help develop and educate volleyball coaches in the community by offering educational opportunities through USA Volleyball and creating a collaborative culture where coaches mentor and share ideas with their peers.



Our main philosophical belief is that we want our players to be better teammates/people in the end as well as better volleyball players.  Athletics provide young athletes with excellent real-life situations and guidance without any real-life consequences.  We believe this is a fundamental element of participation with CCJ and Juniors Volleyball.  The competitive athletic experience can enhance social development, contribute to mental and physical health, as well as teach the values of teamwork, goal-setting, responsibility, self-discipline, and self-motivation.   

CCJ 12-Ashleigh


The Club Cactus Juniors coaching staff thrives on training athletes from the entry level player to the elite athlete.  We want our athletes to be able to compete at the highest level possible, whether it is working to make their freshman volleyball team, winning a State championship, winning a national championship, or aspiring to play in college.

Our primary goal is for our athletes to learn to compete and behave as winners; while the goal of winning should be a by-product to the process.



We believe the following factors are key to our Process at CCJ:

  • We have young athletes who are committed to being successful

  • The CCJ gym culture creates high expectations

  • Our coaches are focused on teaching and training athletes

  • Our Mizuno National teams compete  in the highest divisions

  • CCJ creates a family culture with our teams and our partners

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