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Since 1992, the Club Cactus Juniors women’s program has helped Southern Arizona student-athletes play at the next level at over 50 Division I, II, III, NAIA, and Junior Colleges. Many of the club’s former players have also returned to coach in the club, creating excellent mentors for the current and future CCJ players.


Aletha Bochenec (1992) Yavapai College

Barb Bell (1992) University of Arizona

Kim Fontes (1992) Pima College

Jenny Beck (1992) Eastern Arizona College

Laura Bartsch (1992) University of Arizona

Michelle Teal (1992) Yavapai College

Remi Don (1992) Western New Mexico

Sidne Romine (1992) Western New Mexico


Heidi Bomberger-Bruschi (1993) University of Arizona

Tasha Martin (1993) Pima College

Jennifer Vidal (1993) Pima College

Shani Abshier (1994) University of South Carolina

Melanie Davis (1994) University of Arkansas

Sonia Guillen (1994) Pima College

Ashleigh Hagerty (1994) University of Tulsa

Tiffany Neva (1994) Pima College

Genivieve Pavlik (1994) East Tennessee State

Nicole Thornburg (1994) Pima College

Brandi Kitzberger (1995) Pima College

Crystal Moore (1995) New Mexico State

Deanna Bretz (1995) University of San Diego

Diane Vargo (1995) Pima College; Montana State

Jeannine Dwyer (1995) Portland University

Melinda Almazan (1995) Regis University (Denver)

Sara Libecap (1995) University of California-Irvine

Whitney Butler (1995) East Tennessee State


LaShai McNeal (1996) Western North Carolina State

Rachel Doxtater (1996) Providence College

Amy Acuna (1997) Providence College

DeAna Bolton (1997) Pima College

Elizabeth Gilbert (1997) University of New Haven (Connecticut)​

Jessica Trezise (1997) University of Memphis; Idaho University

Kathy McNeil (1997) Central Connecticut State University

Mercedes Beaudry (1997) California State University-Chico


Amanda Taylor (1998) Arizona Western College; Armstrong Atlantic State University

Brooke Porter (1998) Occidental College

Casey Herrera (1998) Arizona Western College

Catherine Buckmire (1998) Arizona Western College; Georgia Southern University

Emily Flint (1998) Colorado Mesa College

Kristiana Molina (1998) Arizona Western College; Fort Hays State University


Heidi Kadous (1999) Wofford College

Jenni Kingston (1999) Pima College

Shakena Williams (1999) Notre Dame at California


Celine Castillo (2000) Pima College
Darci Leonhart (2000) Oberlin College

Katie Fredeen (2000) Pima College

Kelly Heflin (2000) Pima College

Lexi Herrera (2000) Pima College

Melissa Burns (2000) Pima College

Kelly Hadd (2001) Boise State University
Lacey Blair (2001) Pima College

Lindsey Bennett (2001) Arizona Western College

Nicole Wilson (2001) Yavapai College


Bre Ladd (2002) University of Arizona (National Gatorade Player of the Year)

Ioana Pasca (2002) Brescia University (Kentucky)

Kristin Reece (2002) Colorado Mesa College

Natalie Whitman (2002) Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Nicole Johnson (2002) Pima College

Rebecca Sadowsky (2002) Colgate University (New York)​


Leah Amundson (2003) Arizona Western College

Audrey Bockersette (2005) University of Arizona

Chelsea DeBerry (2005) Colorado Christian University

Christian Tourille (2005) Pima College

Joelle Ingram (2005) University of New Mexico

Kelly Morgan (2005) Pima College

Marti Larriva (2005) University of Arizona

Michaela Knutson (2005) Northern Arizona University

Stephanie Slaton (2005) Phoenix College


Kara Bauman (2006) University of Arizona

Jade Michelsen (2007) University of New Mexico

Kyomie Pyle (2007) Illinois Institute of Technology

Whitney Dosty (2007) University of Arizona

Mikaela Christiannsen (2011) Pepperdine (CA); University of South Carolina (SC)

Morgan Eaton (2011) South Mountain College

Taylor Lane (2011) Pointe Loma University; University of Arizona (Beach)


Rachel Garcia (2012) Pima College

Andrea Burnett (2013) Pima College
Kristin Haines (2013) Pima College


Hana Peterman (2014) Colorado Mesa (CO)
Kelly Bumb (2014) Yavapai College

Dionicia Colon-Mateo (2015) University of Antelope Valley (CA)

Carly Lowry (2016) University of San Francisco (Indoor/Beach); University of Arizona (Beach)

Kayley Mohr (2016) Hawaii-Pacific University (Indoor/Beach)

Jaelyn Olsen (2016) Utah State University-Eastern (UT)

Hannah Semon (2016) Yavapai College; Texas A&M International (TX)

Baylie Stephens (2016) Yavapai College; Quincy University (IL)

Jaclyn Inclan (2017) University of New Mexico; Chicago State University

Kayla Long (2017) University of New Mexico (NM); University of Tennessee at Martin (TN)

Morgan Gappmayer (2018) Northern Arizona University

Kendall Deeter (2018) Pima College; Fort Lewis College (CO)

Jade Romine (2018) Pima College; Arizona Christian University (Beach)

Katie Birtcil (2019) New Mexico State University

Courtney Ely (2019) Pima College; Benedictine University-Mesa

Bailey Breeding (2020) Arizona Western College

Brianna DeVries (2020) Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MA)

Ella Dotson (2020) Hawaii-Pacific University (HI)

Hayley Duncan (2020) Pima College

Grace Ehler (2020) Gonzaga University (WA)

Kaylee Mosley (2020) Pima College; Prairie View A&M University (TX)

Kianna Swingle (2020) Chaminade University of Honolulu (HI)

Andrea Vigil German (2020) Pima College

Dalia Haase (2021) Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Prescott

Makylee Wilson (2021)  Dallas College-Cedar Valley (TX)

Allison Birtcil (2022) Yavapai College/Glendale College

Erica Bickart (2022) William Paterson University of New Jersey

Carley Deck (2022) Western New Mexico University (NM)

Moran Hains (2022) Pima College

Ella Kopas (2022) Grove City College (PA)

Emmy Overson (2022) Colorado Christian University (CO)

Christina Shaffer (2022) Pima College

Abby Whatton (2022) Yavapai College/New Mexico Highlands (NM)

Holly Grady (2023) Keystone College (NCAA, DIII)

Tess McGuire (2022) Central Arizona College (NJCAA)

Elli Meinke (2023) South Mountain College Beach (NJCAA)

Evie Murphy (2023) Central Arizona College (NJCAA)

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