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Club Volleyball Tryouts can be a difficult process to understand.  While it's not an overly complex one, it's important to know what you are getting yourself into and what to expect at the Team Selections.  The club will present all this information at a short Parent Meeting prior to the start of each session.

Registration Requirements

CCJ will collect all required paperwork prior to the start of each session.  This helps speed up the Commitment and Registration process while making sure everyone in the gym is serious about playing for the club this season. 

All prospective athletes must have a current USA Volleyball Membership in order to participate.  This is required for insurance and liability purposes since our practices are sanctioned by USA Volleyball.

  • If you decide not to play this season, the Arizona Region will refund a portion of the $60 membership (by request) for anyone not listed on a club roster.

Team Selection Procedures

CCJ will attempt to select teams based on training/commitment Level (National or Regional) as well as athletic ability and/or positional skill.  This is important and prospective athletes will be separated by commitment level during the process - its important that families communicate the levels that they are comfortable with to sign a contract.

The Tryout Sessions will incorporate a dynamic warm-up, ball control exercises, individual skill/positional training, out-of-system concepts, and competitive team drills.   A Tryout Committee will evaluate all prospective athletes based on their attitude, coachability, athletic ability, and positional skills and/or potential.

Team rosters will consist of 10-12 players and we will place athletes based on similar skill and ability.  The goal is for each team to have at least 2 setters, 4 outside hitters, 3 middles, and 1 libero.  Coaches may adjust these numbers based on the age level and competitive level of the team. 

Accepting a Roster Position

At the end of the session, CCJ will send offer letters to all selected athletes and then post a list for all teams.  An alternate list will be made for athletes that were not immediately selected on a team.

CCJ intends to offer and sign the majority of its athletes on the day of Team Selections - families will be expected to accept or decline their offer while at the gym.  In order to secure a roster position, signed Contracts and Commitment Deposits will be due within the first 30 minutes of posting rosters.  Please be prepared to commit with an informed decision.


Once all players are committed, the club will attempt to fill all remaining roster positions immediately.

Club Volleyball Commitment Policy

A signed Payment Plan (Groundwork) and Commitment Deposit must be submitted on Saturday to secure the roster position.  Families will be given a link to set-up their tuition payment plan in Groundwork - where payment can be made by Credit Card or ACH (with no fees).

Once the Contract is signed, the athlete is committed to CCJ for the duration of the Club Season.  This is a USA Volleyball policy and players will not be eligible to tryout or practice with another club until the end of the USA Volleyball Season, which is July 5, 2023, or until they are released by the club.  



Welcome to the Club!

Welcome to Club Cactus Juniors!  Once all Commitment requirements are complete, athletes will need to complete Uniform and Apparel Sizing at the gym or complete online.

Within the next couple weeks following tryouts, an invitation will be sent to each athlete via SportsEngine (using the parent/guardian email used) which will allow you to join the team roster.  Each family must accept the invitation by following the link on the email.  This will add you to our directory.

There will be some Open Gyms on the Mondays/Tuesdays following tryouts for players to come in and start to get to know their new teammates!  Practices and Skills Training will begin for all teams after Thanksgiving. 


We will have Team Meetings in December.  Our Mizuno and Silver teams will have some pre-season scrimmages in mid-December and all tournaments begin in January.



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