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When attending National Events outside of the State of Arizona, Club Cactus Juniors' teams stay together during the tournament similar to any collegiate or high school team.  Parent Chaperones are an important part of the club's travel procedures and organization while players are staying in hotel rooms together.  CCJ will assign a Chaperone to each team for every travel tournament.


The following information is a list of requirements and responsibilities for CCJ Chaperones.

Chaperone Requirements

There must be at least one female chaperone per team for any National Tournament requiring any overnight travel.

  • Chaperone must be female and over the age of 25 (If two there are chaperones, only one must be female)

  • Current USAV Adult Membership (Including background screen and complete SafeSport certification)

  • Clean Driving Record (if driving rental van or car)

PLEASE NOTE:  If any team cannot provide a parent chaperone, CCJ reserves the right to invoice all player accounts for any travel expenses related to hiring a Staff Member to travel and fulfill Chaperone responsibilities.

Travel Expenses

CCJ will pay/reimburse for the following expenses related to being a team Chaperone.  These expenses are built into the each travel Team's Tuition Budget:

  • Hotel Room (One Chaperone Room per Team)

  • Spectator Admission to the tournament

  • Gas and/or Parking Fees related to competition venue

  • USAV Membership Fees (Credited off tuition if requested)

CCJ does not cover the following expenses:

  • Airfare

  • Gas or other travel expenses related to traveling to/from host city

  • Parking Tickets and/or Moving Violations

  • Food outside of competition

  • Hotel Incidentals outside of Team's Hotel Contract (room service, wi-fi, etc)

  • Entertainment or other miscellaneous expenses

General Duties and Responsibilities
  • Communicate with CCJ Director of Operations or Travel Coordinator to ensure all travel arrangements for all players are made in advance and parents know when players are expected to report to team hotel.

  • Assist coaches with assigning players to rooms/cars (if requested by the Head Coach)

  • TBD:  Coordinate van/car rentals and sign as one of the drivers.

  • Assist with transporting team to and from lodging and playing locations.

  • Confer with coaches on lights out policy; ensure players adhere to guidelines.

  • Arrange for breakfast and make sure players are up in time for designated departure to the tournament site.

  • With the assistance of the coaching staff, coordinate team meals

  • Collect money from players ahead of time, purchase groceries, and prepare meals and snacks during tournament play.

  • Arrange for reasonably priced Team Meals after competition and/or entertainment.

  • Ensure restaurant bills are paid in full.  This means making sure athletes tip properly before leaving.

  • Meals to be paid for from money collected from families.

  • Wash uniforms as needed for longer tournaments.

  • Stay with team at all times both on and off the court; ensure team members stay in groups of three at a minimum.

  • Transport injured players to medical facilities as required.

  • Should any behavioral issues arise, address them with the Head Coach and/or Director as soon as possible.

  • Others duties as needed to ensure players have a successful experience both on and off the court.

  • CCJ has a "dry-weekend" policy for all staff members at National Events.  Alcohol Consumption is not permitted.

Sharing Chaperone Responsibilities

CCJ prefers that each team have one chaperone during a tournament.  However, if a chaperone wishes to share chaperone responsibility (with spouse and/or other parent, family member) during a tournament, the following guidelines must be followed to ensure a safe trip and experience for all athletes and coaches: 

  • Additional chaperone must have approval from Head Coach and Director

    • If the Head Coach and/or Chaperone is uncomfortable with the additional help, the Director will not approve

  • Additional chaperone must have USAV Membership, Background Screen, and SafeSport Training

    • Any adult that is in the hotel room and/or close proximity with the team must be cleared.

    • There are no exceptions to this rule since we are supervising minor athletes

  • The Chaperone Room must be accessible for the team during the weekend.

    • If the additional chaperone is male, they must be willing to step outside when the female athletes are in the room.

    • This rule applies to any younger siblings staying in the room.

    • We only have one Chaperone Room. 

  • Additional Chaperones and/or siblings may not have room in the Team Van. 

  • Chaperones will need to communicate in advance with the coaching staff regarding the expectations.

    • We cannot have two chaperones giving mixed information/directions to the athletes

  • Advance notice is also required to change room type (Chaperone Rooms are usually King Rooms for space)

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