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CCJ offers different levels for each age group.  The club uses our apparel/shoe sponsor (Mizuno) along with the club's colors to name each team and the age/level of the team.
Mizuno Teams (National Open Teams)

Generally, these are the Club's "1's Team" and represent the best athletes/teams in their age division.  CCJ Mizuno Teams compete Nationally in the Open Division - the highest division at JNQ's and other events.  CCJ is the only club in Southern Arizona to compete elusively at the Open Division.   A recruiting platform is included for all athletes.

  • Club Cactus 18-Mizuno (181)

  • Club Cactus 17-Mizuno (171)

  • Club Cactus 16-Mizuno (161)

  • Club Cactus 15-Mizuno (151)

  • Club Cactus 14-Mizuno (141)

Silver Teams (National Teams)

Generally, these are the Club's "2s Team" in their age division.  The name Silver is a throwback to when CCJ used to designate team levels as Gold/Silver/ Bronze instead of Travel/Region.  It's also one of Mizuno's signature colors.   The Club's Silver Teams compete in the Arizona Region's Championship Division and at National Events that are within 8 hours of driving in reduce the travel costs of airline tickets.  A recruiting platform is included for all athletes.

  • Club Cactus 18-Silver (182)

  • Club Cactus 17-Silver (172)

  • Club Cactus 16-Silver (162)

  • Club Cactus 15-Silver (152)

  • Club Cactus 14-Silver (142)

  • Club Cactus 13-Silver (131)

  • Club Cactus 12-Silver (121)

Navy/Red Teams (Regional Teams)

CCJ Offers Regional Teams that compete within the Arizona Region and locally as well.  In addition, CCJ Regional Teams will compete at the Cactus Classic Invitational (a three-day National Tournament at the TCC), as well as the Arizona Region's Vulture Peak Challenge.  Depending on the number of prospective athletes, regional Teams are organized placed on age and ability, where Navy is the top (or A) team, Red is the second (or B) team, and so on:

  • Club Cactus 18-Navy (183)

  • Club Cactus 17-Navy (173)

  • Club Cactus 16-Navy (163)

  • Club Cactus 16-Red (164)

  • Club Cactus 15-Navy (153)

  • Club Cactus 15-Red (154)

  • Club Cactus 15-White (155)

  • Club Cactus 14-Navy (143)

  • Club Cactus 14-Red (144)

  • Club Cactus 14-White (145)

  • Club Cactus 14-Green (146)

  • Club Cactus 14-Black (147)

  • Club Cactus 13-Navy (132)

  • Club Cactus 13-Red (133)

  • Club Cactus 13-White (134)

  • Club Cactus 13-Green (135)

  • Club Cactus 12-Navy (121)

  • Club Cactus 12-Red (122)

  • Club Cactus 12-White (123)

  • Club Cactus 11-Navy (111)

  • Club Cactus 11-Red (112)

  • Club Cactus 11-White (113)​

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